Reminiscences from “MSMC lifetime pals”

Rosemary Gray writes:

I had conversations with Sandy Stevenson, Carol Steffes, Rosemary Brunet and Kathy Rezonnico. You can identify us as “MSMC lifetime pals”.

…Lu and I met as freshmen at MSMC in 1951 and boarded at the Mount for four years. Friends from the start, she was smart, passionate, witty in her low-key way and creative in subverting draconian boarder regulations.

…My name is Rosemary Brunet Giacomi, aka “Bruno.”  Lu and I met at St. Ferdinand’s in San Fernando, California, in the eighth grade and became fast friends.  We enjoyed competing in intermural sports especially at the St. Anthony’s basketball Tournament in Long Beach.  Our high school was very small so we were on all the teams for all four years.  I often stayed at her home while we both worked with her parents for their design business.  We decided to attend Mount St. Mary’s and roomed together during Freshman and part of Sophomore years.  I left at the end of the Sophomore year to be married.  She was my wildest and best friend and the instigator of a number of adventures. Lu was the Maid of Honor at my wedding and the Godmother of my first daughter.  Like many others, I loved her for her unique qualities of true friendship, a wicked sense of humor in the best way, and her originality. Lu’s mom, Lucille, died around 1955. I don’t remember when her older brother “Todd” and her father Fred passed away.   I am truly sad to learn of her passing.  With Lu, once a friend, forever a friend.

…When asked about her “doings” Lu was always modest but passionate. She remained fiercely loyal to friends and causes all her life and we were enriched by having her in our life.

…Our senior yearbook, which she edited, was a radical departure from the previous publications. Using lower case only, her homage to e e cummings, she wrote terse, clever,” punny” captions.The whole endeavor was bound in an ultra-modern cover and created quite a sensation.

To see the yearbook:



One thought on “Reminiscences from “MSMC lifetime pals”

  1. lumattson Post author

    I met Lu for the first time in my junior year at MSMC, 61-62. There was this slightly older, very articulate, student whose comments, full of insight and always down to earth, impressed us all: she was a scientist, she had spent a year traveling all over Europe, she was a close friend of the instructor. The course was study of the novel, and the instructor was Sister Mary Patricia Sexton, or Sister Pat to us when she wasn’t around, a diminutive woman frequently in frail health who was the best practitioner of the socratic method of teaching that I have encountered. Her standards for critical thinking and writing were exacting, but her unique gift was introducing students to the joy of literature, and her favorite critical term was “delight.” (She also introduced me to the idea that I could go to graduate school, and to the man who became my husband.) She was another of the mentors who nourished Lu with her insight and her support, and Lu was able to bring her to SSU as a guest speaker for the students there; it was one of the high moments of Lu’s early years at Hutchins.
    Helen Jaskoski


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