Lectureship at CSULA

Don’t know why this has been so hard.   When I came back to college after a break of a couple of years, I discovered that I had been in the wrong major.  English was what I came back to, and Lu Mattson was one of the instructors who got me excited about the world of reading and writing–indeed, language itself.  Approachable, encouraging, supportive, Lu’s own enthusiasm about literature was infectious and delightful.  After graduating from Cal State Los Angeles, it was amazing that Lu and I ended up at the Hutchins School at Cal State Sonoma at the same time–Lu to offer her wonderful classes to students, I to work as secretary in the office.  Unfortunately, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen Lu, and I am very sorry to have missed the last opportunity. I’ll always remember her and her part in my life.  Thanks for everything, Lu.

Sara Armstrong, Ph.D.


One thought on “Lectureship at CSULA

  1. lumattson Post author

    Sara was a tutor in an experimental program that we designed at CSULA. Lu read about the availability of research funds for instructional innovation and told me we should take the opportunity. We applied and got the grant. We recruited tutors mostly from our own classes and advertised the program to composition instructors. I don’t think we had a room; my recollection is that the tutors used our offices, and we sometimes hosted the tutoring class at our homes. The tutors were a wonderful group: idealistic, intelligent, eager to explore as we all introduced ourselves to new theories in comparative American dialects (“ebonics” was a term that would emerge many years later), language and literacy learning, and the often shocking barriers to education that many of their/our students faced. The program became a prototype for tutoring programs and eventually composition labs instituted on several CSU campuses.
    Helen Jaskoski


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