About this blog

We have created this blog so that all of us who loved Lu so well can share our memories of her.   We are Andrea, Linda’s daughter, and Helen, Lu’s friend of many years.  The blog began with the messages sent for the obituaries in the newspaper and on the Sonoma State University web site.

Retired SSU professor Marylu Mattson dies at 79

Hutchins Department: Sonoma State University

Since it was impossible to include all the warm and affectionate memories that were sent, we chose this way to express our joy in having known Lu and our sadness at her passing.  We know many others have memories to share, and we invite you to do so here.  You can use one or more of the “reply” lines under the blue patches on the “Home” page and at the end of the other pages.  If you prefer not to navigate the labyrinthine WordPress conduit, you can send a message directly to hjaskoski@fullerton.edu and it will be added to the conversation.   Attachments in Word are best, but text within the e-mail works as well.  However your message travels, please include your name as you wish it to appear.

Helen Jaskoski


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